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Popcorn cart small 4 oz $60
Popcorn cart large 8 oz $75 (red or black)

What’s included?


- Your $60 rental includes red and yellow popcorn cart 2.5 oz kettle

Your $75 rental includes large salmon colored popcorn cart 8 oz kettle

- Kernels and oil can be provided for an additional $10 fee (30 people)

Machine Directions: small 4 oz kettle

- Power on small popcorn machine and pre-heat for 10 minutes

- Power off, pour in entire pre-package of kernels, oil, and salt into kettle (OR one tablespoon oil & 1/4c kernels into kettle)

- Power on machine and power on kettle

- Kettle will begin to rotate and make popcorn

- When kernels stop popping, use handle to dump remaining popcorn from inside kettle on side and into cart

- Power off kettle to prevent smoking/burning oil

- Main power (lightbulb switch) can remain on

Machine directions large 8oz kettle

- Power on and preheat for 5 minutes

- Turn off and pour in up to 2 pre-packaged packets of kernels, oil and salt into kettle (OR one tablespoon of oil for every 1/2 cup kernels - max 1 cup)

- Turn on kettle switch 

- Kernels will begin to pop, power off kettle when popcorn stops popping to prevent oil from burning

- Use handle to dump remaining popcorn out of kettle 

- Light switch may remain on at all times

Supplies - Carnival King Popcorn 

$10 per 30 people

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