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Meet K & K


It's time to learn a little more about the Instapartiers!




We are sisters named Kelly (pictured left) and Kristine (pictured right) who have a passion for throwing good themed parties.


For a number of years now we been approached by friends and family to decorate and plan for wedding showers, graduation parties, cancer-free celebrations, baby showers, and all kinds of other little get-togethers. We realized that people in attendance would routinely compliment the decor at the parties that we were hired to decorate. The problem was that we always wound up spending entirely too much money on the fun decorations. Then we would either donate the bulk of it or try to sell off what we could at the end to make a little of our investment back.

We knew that a demand existed for cute and fun themed parties, but that the majority of individuals didn't have the time or effort to go out and collect a bunch of items and figure out how to set them up to look appealing. Enter K&K Instaparty.

We went on a mission to create the most eye-catching and, most importantly, affordable options to throw themed parties that guests will remember, without the excess waste at the end.


Not quite. Instead we have invested all our time, money, and expertise in to purchasing all the decor you need in order to set the perfect ambiance. From backdrops, to beverage containers, to table centerpieces we have it all covered. We offer a binder with ideas on how to set up your party and deliver several totes with all the decor to your door.

Your job is to unpack and then set it up. You will still need to provide disposable items like plates, silverware, and cups, but we also give the option to purchase these themed items separately.

After the party is over simply pack all of the decor into the totes and we will come pick it back up. It's as easy as that. The memories made and pictures taken are yours free of charge.

We are always open to feedback so please don't hesitate to give us suggestions or compliments!

** Additional themes coming soon, check back! **

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