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Nacho cheese dispenser $100
Nacho cheese dispenser w/ chip warmer $115

What’s included?


- Your $100 rental includes Carnival King nacho cheese dispenser plus one 110oz bag of cheese (50 servings) Additional cheese bag can be purchased for $20 

- Nacho chip warmer can be added on for $15 with dispenser rental ($35 with no dispenser rental)

Machine Directions:

Open front door of warmer and place cheese bag on the rack with the spout and tube directed at the front

- Turn black dial counterclockwise to open

- Guide tube through the pump slot from top to bottom

- Close tube clamp by turning dial clockwise and close the warmer

- Power on machine and let preheat until temperature reaches between 140 and 155 degrees (about 45 minutes)

- Orange button dispenses product for 4 seconds (2 oz)

- Yellow button dispenses product continuously

(Top compartment will hold backup bag of cheese) 


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